Key initiatives

Installation Summit

Chairman: Tom Jennings, WFCA,
Tasks: Installation is a focus of FCLC and this committee will develop and oversee the strategic direction and coordination of the Installation Summit.

Communication & Cooperation

Chairman: Kevin Gammonley, NAFCD,
Issue: Lack of communication and cooperation between the various associations within the flooring industry.
Tasks: The aim of the committee is to improve communications with all council members and to facilitate communications to the flooring industry. The committee will oversee the development of a logo, website, calendar of events and press releases.

Industry Training & Education

Chairman: Stephanie Owen, NWFA,
Issue: Access to efficient, effective, and affordable professional training for all industry members.
Tasks: The committee is working with all council members to develop an organized online training portal offering education for all flooring categories. The training portal will be located on the website.

Installation & Next Generation

Chairman: Robert Varden, CFI,
Issue: Shortage of trained flooring installers
Tasks: The committee is working on a campaign to showcase and promote the many benefits of being a flooring installer.